Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Runaway Dog

What could be causing a traffic jam on our street? Elliot and I wondered from the front porch. It was most unusual and the cause became apparent as a little brown dachshund dodged cars and ran into the woods across the street. A beautiful young blonde driving a shiny black sports car tried to take command of her charge. Giving up, she made a u-turn, stopping to talk to a neighbor tinkering on his car across the street. Then she drove away.

I waited in the yard watching the woods, asking the angels for help. Soon the little robust dachshund dashed back into the street and totally ignored me as I clapped trying to corral him into our fenced yard until the owner returned.

In despair, Elliot and I watched him race down the middle of the street, causing a stir in traffic. Cars braking, left and right. It was hard to watch. Then I asked for God's creations to work together in perfect harmonious action. His little short legs had speedily carried him down the road. He was like a brown speck, blocks away. Again, we asked that the angels watch over him and deliver him safely.

We thought we'd surrendered the situation, but something had us stay with his plight. Elliot decided to rig up a leash. We'd go out to look for him in the car. Suddenly a blue SUV pulled up in front. A woman joyously shouted, "We've got your dog!"

The door opened and a young red haired boy was holding the shaking little puppy in his arms.

I was so surprised how quickly he was delivered! This was truly an angel assignment. When I explained what happened, saying I hoped the owner would be back, mother and son smiled and drove away, leaving this little feisty bundle of quivering love in my arms.

The hard part was over. It was just a matter of time before the owner would come back. I stood in the front yard holding him, waiting and watching the cars go by.

But the minutes got longer and it was getting cool, so I put him in the sun porch and returned to the street to wait alone for her.

Then I got another one of those angel messages. Go introduce myself to the neighbor whom the dog's owner had spoken to. Maybe he could help?

I was glad that I did. Manny told me she had gone to pick up her husband in Orlando and would return in a couple of hours. She asked him to keep the dog if he showed up and she would be back later, offering to pay him to sit for the dog, but he said no problem.

Manny was friendly and came over to meet our runaway, Indy. I had nicknamed him for two reasons. The high speed in which he raced, expertly dodging oncoming traffic. And also for Indiana Jones (Indy) because of his adventuresome nature, jumping out of a car, etc.

My son, David, took one look at the situation. "She's not coming back. You're going to have a house guest tonight."

Our cat, Angel, gave me a look, like You've got to be kidding. Her friendly hiss and his bounding spirit were no match. I thought my son was just being negative. How could anyone abandon this precious little canine? I thought as I watched him sleeping soundly swaddled in a soft purple blanket on the wicker loveseat beside me. So trusting and innocent. My heart was melting. Around 9:30 I knew she was a no-show, now over two hours late. A quick trip to the store for a leash and collar and dog food from our neighbor had us ready for the night.

As it turned out Indy slept in David's room and Angel cat slept on our bed. The house was quiet and peaceful as I claimed again all God's creations being harmonious.

The next morning I had to do some soul searching. This little fellow was just like my childhood dog, Waldo. I knew I couldn't keep him. It wasn't fair to our cat who wasn't exactly behaving like an angel to our guest. Sadly, we took down our note on the neighbor's door. The young woman for whatever reason did not come back for her pet.

What to do next?

Then I remembered a cute little house called The Ark, a sanctuary for furry friends that I often noticed while driving down Woodland Blvd. I was nudged to call them and to take Indy there. When we walked in the door, a loving woman greeted us, so excited that she had the perfect home for him. Just the day before a woman came in looking to adopt a sausage dog. She was a day early. "He is so cute," the Ark helper smiled, holding Indy in her arms. "And I still have her phone number."

What's his name? she asked me.

"Indy" I said, explaining why.

"That's a great name," she grinned.

After a tearful goodbye, I got to thinking about all the events that led up to his rescue. It was all about divine timing and teamwork. Indy had made it safely to the Ark. The symbolism was perfect. Divinity is always ready. Semper paratus. We only need to do our part: Love Mother/Father God and love one another.

Many blessings,


Monday, January 16, 2012

Start the New Year Off with a Garden Angel

Vibrant Impressionist George Bleich, famous artist of Beyond Moongate, is starting off the New Year with the help of Angel friends. He is offering a small affordable garden angel painting for $99 in memory of his dear Mom who passed away at age 99. She would like to share her love of the Angels and Mary and Jesus and you will find them in the sky of these paintings.

These paintings will be done primarily on commission and you may choose the flower of your choice. George will even paint your garden or a portion of it if you send him a photo.

His beautiful paintings radiate peace and harmony. Presidents Ford and Reagan both enjoyed his inspirational artwork. Not only is George a brilliant artist, he is a wonderful humanitarian who truly walks the Christ walk.

To watch a video on his garden angels, go to www.bleich4art.com

Many blessings,


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Do It: An Angel Message

Yesterday at Blue Springs, these two young adventurers gave me permission to take their picture. The yellow tee shirt, Just Do It, caught my eye as they both demonstrated balance is the key to success in whatever we do,so take it slow and easy.  I thanked the angels for the message

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wing Fan!

One of the many ways angels influence our lives are by delivering inspirational thoughts from God to our human consciousness. These messengers can lift thought above the material sense of things to the spiritual. To the degree that we can open our mental doors to greet these heavenly visitors, they will orchestrate our day so we can move in the harmony of joy, peace, and love. There is nothing to figure out, only to open up to the flow.

No task is too small to be governed by God. These Angel
thoughts are precious and come when we are quiet and listening. No idea of God has to rush about to accomplish its purpose. A spiritual idea never has too much to do. We can choose to maintain an awareness of God's presence and power and let His Angels govern every act of our lives, in His own way.

A good way to begin listening is early in the morning...before our ego fills our mind with its incessant demands on the day. Listen instead to hear God's angel thoughts, whispering: "This day belongs to God. It is the natural unfolding of His plan and purpose. I am always at the right place at the right time with the right people."

It works if we stay in the "present awareness". For instance last Monday, Elliot and I followed a rhythm without making plans. Our first stop that afternoon was at the Buttercup Bakery where we enjoyed fresh apple cake in the sunshine. Afterwards we drove to a park to watch the birds. Getting out of the car, we were surprised by music coming from a nearby building. Through the window we saw an orchestra with people dancing...in the middle of the afternoon! Someone beckoned us to step inside. We opened the door... and felt all their joy pouring out.

Soon I heard another angel message.
Go check out a nearby retirement community for Mom in case she wants to moves to Florida.

I wasn't sure anyone would be there to help us. It was late in the day. Did we need an appointment? But the flow was on. When we arrived, the marketing rep was available. The facility was great but I hesitated to make a deposit on the last vacant corner apartment. The one shown was adorable, but taken. Later at home, I called Mom to see if she wanted me to go back and look at the other one that was still available.

That night, I asked the Holy Spirit for a sign.
Was this was the right place for Mom? She had agreed to put down the money to hold it. When I called the Marketing Rep, she didn't return my call that evening or the next morning. I began to think that was the sign. A no go?

Then she called at noon and we made plans for a tour. We all did a double take when we saw the number on the door. It was the same as her current apartment in Virginia!

Elliot laughed and called out, "Mary, you're home."

I got goosebumps... an eight story building... and her three digit apartment number the same. We learned that corner apartments are hard to come by and go very fast. I was so thankful we'd followed the angel messages. Now it's up to Mom... but she has options when she comes for a visit next month.

The angels are always whispering...but are we listening...so often we make up excuses as to why we can't follow the guidance. "Not today...maybe tomorrow...we'll see how it goes." But when we are obedient, the results are usually pretty amazing. Not only do we get blessings, but often are placed in a position to help others.

So why not be an Angel fan...and remember...theses heavenly messengers are always on your team.

Joyful blessings,


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012--A New Beginning

A new chapter in life opened up and Elliot and I moved to Florida the beginning of December. Divine timing would bring us here as I begin a 1 personal year in a brand new 9-year cycle. The energy of the 1 is all about planting seeds and so I'm saving the orange seeds from the delicious oranges in our backyard. When looking at the tiny hard seed it is nearly impossible to imagine what promise it holds. Not only of one juicy sweet orange, but a whole tree; and within each fruit is the potential for an entire orchard.

The scent of orange blossoms is heavenly. A reminder of the divine fragrance permeating our lives. I can see more and more that God's infinite Love is teeming in an atmosphere of celestial love around me. By keeping my receptivity tuned into this eternal bounty, the more I will experience it in everyday life. It comes when stilling my ego chatter and pausing to appreciate the beauty of the moment, like watching the sunlight filtering through the trees, or noticing an aloe vera plant in bloom, or a baby squirrel scurrying up the old camphor tree. These "now" moments are when I often get what I like to call "angel messages". Ideas from God. A sudden inspiration may come that brings a solution to a problem, or the need to reach out and be the answer to someone's prayer.

It's not a new concept, but I'd like to begin the New Year by remembering as best I can that time nor space nor distance can ever separate me from the Love of God. This Love is all encompassing and can be likened to a radio. The music is always on, broadcasting over the air waves even when my radio is off. So free will determines how well I stay attuned.

I'm beginning to realize that God is truly only Love and what stems the outpouring of this Loving Presence are my own negative thoughts. If I'm harboring resentment towards someone or a situation, I cannot fully experience this divine flow. I recently read that most of us only embrace about one percent of God's Love. This year my goal is to try harder to stay focused on that atmosphere of Divine Love.

Wishing you a most joyous and blessed year with your angels.