Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Painted Horsey: An Angel Message

This colorful horsey pranced off the store shelf and into my arms while shopping for cat food at the Family Dollar today. I loved her great enthusiasm, moving forward in a coat of many colors, she is running her own race.  A real bargain for only $12, the large painted pony now hangs by my desk. Keep on moving, is her gait.  Splashes of swirling paint drip off her image on the large canvas--no time to wait for the paint to dry--she's transforming on the run.

 Horse energy has been leading me down a new exciting path that has yet to take form.  Elliot and I watched the Disney movie Secretariat, and the next morning, I found an old snapshot of Mom as a young woman. She and a friend were petting a horse. Something I had never seen her do.  

In my Animal-Speak pocket guide, Ted Andrews writes about the message of the horse.  "Continue forward in your efforts with discipline. New journeys are ahead.  Stretch your freedom and power."

So what angel nature messages are coming to you at the start of this year?  The animals that cross your path are reflecting traits that can help you run your own race in 2016.

Enjoy your time with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen