Monday, January 25, 2016

Geese: An Angel Message

Sometimes Nature will lend a helping hand.  I fondly recall a memory while living on a farm in Virginia Beach.  Elliot and I took a break from work and went for a drive in the countryside exploring new territory.  I brought my camera and set an intention that we were on a photo safari.  Nature would reveal the animals along the way. Although a peaceful ride by farms and open pastures, there was no sign of any wildlife. Time passed and my prospects looked dim. 

Randomly turning down a long narrow country road, we hit pay dirt. Amazed by hundreds and hundreds of  large white birds that suddenly drifted out of a gray sky. They dropped like manna from heaven, blanketing a barren field as white as snow. But I had missed a perfect action shot. Watching them gather, we listened to their loud cacophony, enjoying their noisy convention from the roadside. 

With a special love for geese,  I decided to slowly cross the wet field to take a photo, from a respectful distance.  The nearer I came, the louder the chatter. I stopped and sent love. Suddenly a blizzard of thunderous wings flapped upward at once stirring the air in flight. What a rush as I stood still in the field lifted upward by their dynamic momentum.  

Later I learned that geese are a totem to help in communicating through the use of stories, like Mother Goose. Their feathers were also used as writing quills in the past. When geese appear, they can help us move through any creative blocks, and they did. 

Geese also invite us to heed the call to the quest.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Pay attention to the messengers that come your way.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen