Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Angel Who Almost Got Away

Yesterday our little cat Angel disappeared. We found the living room slider open. Somehow she must have maneuvered the screen door and taken off to see the world. I grabbed a big bag of dry cat food (her favorite) and shook it hard, calling "Angel!" I looked under the deck where she likes to watch the lizards from the slider, but no Angel. A quick trip to the meditation garden where she likes to watch the birds--still no Angel. I shook the bag even harder hurrying to the driveway to look underneath the cars, but no Angel.

I began to wonder if I had seen her for the last time. My heart sunk as I headed back toward the cottage. The farm is such a big place and she is an indoor cat. Would she survive? Then it occurred to me to call out to the Angels for help finding her. With shaking bag, I continued to search, feeling a strange welling up in my chest. Was she really gone? I walked on back toward the cottage. It was out of my hands. Then above the sound of the rattling bag, a soft meow. I looked to my right at a beautiful sight. Across the yard, there she was crouched down in a big patch of grassy green clover looking bewildered.

"Thank you, Angels!" I picked her up, snuggling her in my arms, carrying her into the house. I thought about not giving her a nugget treat, but like the prodigal son, she ate her reward and then took a nap. We were so thankful to have our lost Angel back home again.

Wishing you a joyful day with your Angels,