Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Easter Bunny

I saw a baby bunny in the meditation garden at dusk this morning, but he hopped away before I could take his picture. So Easter is on its way. A glorious time of year to reflect on the resurrection energies. Nature shows it best. The yellow irises are in full bloom. The Sweet Williams made it through the harsh winter and are singing their own song.

Yesterday I moved a fake boulder in the Magdalen garden. Underneath the hollow rock, I was saddened to find daffodil shoots. They had done their best to grow, having pushed through the dirt, they reached maturity, but with no sunlight, they never bloomed. Last winter, I moved the large rock to a new spot without realizing spring bulbs were sleeping there. Although I was sorry for my lack of planning, it was a good lesson about not hiding under a bushel, but coming out in the light to reach our full potential. To blossom. Rabbit symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, and overcoming old fears. Now is the time to rise and shine.

Happy Easter in the Name of the Living Christ,