Friday, May 13, 2011

Grow My Way Today

"Don't be afraid of what you do not understand but grow through the darkness of ignorance like a seed cracking open to become a little seedling, struggling to reach ever upward by an invisible force that demands, Grow! Grow! Grow! All the earthly struggles push you up higher and higher. Until one day, you have a tremendous breakthrough. Not only is the world you see different, but you yourself have been transformed into a new creature in Christ. Through many phases you transform, not recognizing yourself as you go from plant to bud to flower. A beauty in God's garden. Enjoy the process--it is consciousness in action. You play a part by deciding. To not move forward with the energy is to stagnate and wither.

Grow My way today. Do not stop to think too much but keep the pace steady in your climb to the Light. Delay serves no purpose but to keep you in the darkness an hour longer. You, with your free will, decide but know that when you do, it is always a choice between darkness and Light. Peace be with you, holy Child of God."