Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Full Moon, The Eclipse, and the Rainbow

How many of you saw the rainbow here at the beach the evening of the full moon? We were on our way to a meeting. I love the rainbow as a sign of God's promise. I remember years ago being warned of the emotional climate prior to a full moon. Seven days before the moon reaches its peak, we are building up to the height of our manifestation power at the full moon. Opposition often arises to thwart us, especially with sensitive issues where we are the most vulnerable. So it is wise to remain vigilant for all the little nuisances that can knock us off our center. If you can, do your best not to react but maintain peace. A good way to safeguard against emotional turbulence is to call on Archangel Michael to go before you and make your path straight and clear. And get ready for a miracle!

Angelic blessings,