Monday, October 21, 2013

A Snake: Message of Rebirth, Resurrection, Healing, and WIsdom

Sometimes animals show up with a message for us in a rather unique way. Early Saturday morning I laughed to see this creature had manifested over night in our neighbor's yard!  I thought it was a turtle at first, but the fangs said otherwise.  The snake has long been the subject of great controversy.  Sometimes seen as devil and sometimes as healer.

The snake is symbolic of transmutation, death, and rebirth.    It sheds its skin as it outgrows the old.  The eyes of the snake cloud over before it begins to shed its skin, then clear as it begins to shed its skin.  To mystics this indicates the ability to move between realms, crossing over from life to death, and back again.  To the Native Americans, the snake represents transformation and healing.   

I got another "angel message" when I saw this humongous inflatable snake.  It was an illustration on how sometimes we entertain wrong thoughts (error) and they balloon up overnight, seeming very real and overwhelming.  But in truth they are only enlivened by the energy (fear) we feed them.  This gigantic snake was generated by an electrical motor to keep it blowing hot air. It had no power of its own.  Just like our egos at times.   Kind of funny that before sundown Saturday evening, there was no sign that this big snake had ever been there.  So no matter whatever you're facing right now, know that you and God are a majority and that you are in the company of angels.  You are and always will be perfect, made in His image and likeness.  You are a spiritual being and nothing can change your identity as a Child of God.  So don't be deceived by your five senses, trust in a power greater than your own.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and try to be more vigilant for what thoughts you're entertaining about yourself and others.

Love and blessings,