Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Assignment: Share Angel Messages

The angels need us to be ambassadors of good will and hope.  Their assignment is simple.  Show up and be ready to spread joy, peace, and gratitude.  I had an opportunity to put it into practice today.  I'd been postponing a trip to the Social Security office, like the DMV, the lines can be long and a visit usually involves lots of time and patience.

This morning I decided to change my attitude and go with an expectancy to be helpful.  Rather than making it more my personal agenda, I thought I would try a different approach.  So finding myself open to inspiration, I came across a handful of angel scrolls that I'd made years ago for the angel lectures.  I put them in a little sack in my purse.

When I arrived, the waiting area was packed with people waiting for their number to come up.  With all the available seats taken, I stood by the wall.  The angels prompted me to offer a scroll to two women standing beside me.  They both were happy to receive the Angel of Love; one was a newly wed, married less than two weeks.

Others were interested, and soon more angel scrolls were making the rounds, putting smiles on waiting faces.  There were nods of recognition or laughter at how appropriate their angel virtue scroll was for them.

Some of the angels offered were:  JOY, FORGIVENESS, TENDERNESS, INSPIRATION, LOVE, MUSIC, EXUBERANCE, COMPLETION, TRUST, PATIENCE, and so forth.  The scrolls were made using a label maker software and adding angel clip art.  I roll the little labels into scrolls and fasten them with ribbon. (in case you get inspired to make your own)

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  They so appreciate everything we do to spread the word about them and their loving presence.  Inviting them in wherever we go transforms the atmosphere into divine joy.

Love and blessings,