Sunday, November 23, 2014

Listening to God: Angel Messages

Last weekend,  a lecture, God is Speaking to You, was held at the public library in a nearby town.  The title spoke to me, personally. I knew I had to be there. 

Before leaving home for the lecture, I heard an angel message to get the directions on-line, but I ignored it.  A friend and his wife who were riding with us had given verbal directions to the church on Wednesday night, having been there several times before. 

 So on Sunday afternoon when the angel thought came to me, I didn't listen.  I heard it once again before leaving the house, but ignored it, thinking of myself as a control-freak. Well, I shouldn't have been surprised when we couldn't find the library, having driven right by the entrance road. We stopped at the 7-11 for directions and turned back, retracing our way. I had a little laugh to myself, sheepishly remembering the angel direction I had so clearly heard and ignored.

God is Speaking to You, if only I would listen more obediently. The lecture was just what I needed.  The speaker reminded us that God never stops talking to us.   Our "spiritual receptor" is like a radio.  Angelic messages, pure intuition, are constantly being broadcast 24/7, but unless our "radio" is turned on and tuned in, we can't discern God's thoughts.  Static on our airwaves can interfere with reception.  Static comes in many forms. It can be fear; we may be afraid of what we'll be told.  Low-self esteem will keep us from feeling worthy to hear God.  And, anger and guilt will block the loving reception as well, but there is hope.  

We've all had an experience or two where we have turned to God in prayer for an answer, yet we don't hear anything. 

How to Listen to God for an answer.  

1.  Tune out fear. Go within and close the door of your mind.  Affirm the truths you know about God.  He is all-knowing; He knows your every need.  He  is omnipresent; ever present regardless of where you find yourself.  You cannot be absent from God.  He is All Loving and wants the best for you. (Or use a particular scripture to connect, e.g,:  "Be still and know that I am God."

2.  Tune in to God. Tell Him the problem and expect an answer.  Keep your spiritual receptor turned on.   Listen, be willing to receive.  

3.  When the answer comes, obey.  Do not hesitate. 

Tips that it is God speaking:

1) The thoughts that come are good and moral.

2) They are a blessing to others as well as yourself.

3) A peaceful calm feeling prevails (not pushy or aggressive like having a personal agenda)

4) There is a sense of authority.  I must do this, or I must not! 

When You Can't Hear...
Then pray that the static be revealed to you.  Ask what blocks in your consciousness are impeding you from hearing God?  Then, stay vigilant for the answer.  It may not come during prayer, but it will be revealed to you so be expectant of hearing Him.

Since going to the lecture, I have had success in getting answers and hopefully will become more accustomed to turning to God and the Angels for guidance.

Have a joyful day!

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen