Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wonderful Wonderful: An Angel Message

                             (Virginia Beach Sunrise -R.K Hauck)

I love when angel messages are delivered in song...especially in those moments between sleep and wakefulness when a long forgotten melody wings its way through your mind...vaguely familiar...you try to remember the source. Then a few verses take hold and you've got it. A  song in the night can touch your heart by reminding you just how much you are loved by the Divine. 

Such an experience occurred several nights ago when feeling rather down.  In the wee hours as I turned over in bed, I was stirred awake by a song  in my head. I loved the melody.  Knowing it was an angel message, I tried to catch the title, playing with the tune over and over. Then a verse came to me: "The world is filled with wondrous things its true, but they wouldn't have much meaning without you."  I recognized an old high school favorite,  Wonderful Wonderful, the Johnny Mathis hit. Later, I found this "wonderful" video on YouTube. Here's the link. Enjoy! and imagine your guardian angel singing to you.



Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen