Friday, May 13, 2016

A Mother's Day Gift from Nature : Angel Message

On Mother's Day rather than eat at a crowded restaurant, Elliot and I enjoyed a take-out lunch on a picnic table lakeside at Lake Helen. 

After lunch, I sat with my back against an old cypress tree, gazing at the peaceful lake. 

It was a familiar spot as I'd sat on the old trees "knobby knees" when Mom had passed on two years prior. 

 Now looking up, I could see that the old cypress had a fresh canopy of bright green leaves. The joy of springtime!  

Looking down at the intricate roots growing above ground round  the old tree, I saw a white rock embedded in the roots. Curious, I dug it out and discovered my rock was a snail shell! Am I moving too slowly? I wondered, examining the hard empty spiral shell.  Guilt crept in.

But an angel message softly reminded me that life is a journey, an ever expanding spiral upward toward infinity.  

Thankful for the Mother's Day gift from nature, I tucked it in my pocket, to add to our garden.  

Digging into the symbolism of the present, I learned: "Snail is a sign to protect your vulnerable emotions and spirit.  Bring your Holy Inner Child out of the shell.  Look at walls you have built around you."  (Animal Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews)

Enjoy your day with the Angels and ask their help if you have any walls that keep love out. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen