Saturday, October 1, 2016

When Pigs Fly!: An Angel Message

"When pigs FLY!" Do you remember that doubtful retort when you were being overly optimistic? 

Today in town, Elliot turned down an unexpected side street; one we had never used. But the detour was perfect!  To my surprise I caught a rare sight A PIG FLYING!  

This gigantic smiley PINK PIG  gliding in a blue sky above the tree tops made us both laugh.  Mom was up to something! 

 My 96 year old mom passed on  two years ago.  I had just been saying how much I missed her. This week she seemed especially close as I went through a challenge.   

Mom loved pigs. As a child she had a pet pig Suzannah on the farm. Over the years, her pig collection had hogged most of her curio cabinet. So this wonderful perfect pig fly-by gave me even more faith to keep on believing in the impossible.  Nothing is too difficult for God. Expect the unexpected.  

 What joy  our loved ones can surprise us by reaching through the veil with an uplifting message just when and how we need it most. We can rest in peace that our loved ones are closer than we think, watching over us with a heavenly smile of encouragement. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and look to be a Happy Learner as we travel the road back home.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen