Friday, October 26, 2018

The Madonna with the White Rabbit: An Angel Message

The Virgin with the Rabbit and her mother, St, Anne
Angels messages come in many ways, but I've noticed over the past few years, they tend to appear in reflections of light.

Early this morning, October 26, 2018, the sky was gray with gentle rains.  Before noon, the weather had shifted.  As I entered the living room, to my surprise, I saw The Virgin with the Rabbit canvas in a new and different light.

Sunlight pouring through the window had created an enormous wedge of light. Like an arrow, it  pointed from the Christ child to the docile white rabbit in his mother's left hand.

I was reminded of  the harried rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  Only this rabbit appeared to be in very good hands, waiting near the top of a tunnel of light in the rabbit-hole. 

The Christ in the painting is shown with his mother, and her mother, St., Anne, and he is the focal point of their loving maternal attention.  White is the symbol of purity, represented by the little rabbit.

Looking closely, I noticed the silhouette of a mitt.  It seemed to cover Mary's hand as she held the rabbit.  The shadow mitten had been formed by the wings of a stained glass butterfly in the window. The butterfly represents new birth, so I welcomed the message to stay in the Light.  We are Children of Light.

The white rabbit in Titian's painting had crossed my path while skimming through The Virgin in Art from Medieval to Modern, by Kyra Belan at our local Family bookstore.

I looked up the symbolism for the rabbit.  "It brings the message to look for fertile signs, and use the lunar cycle.  If unsure, wait.  Answers will become clear within a month.  Then movement is assured." (Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)
The Virgin with the Rabbit by Titian, 1530

Enjoy your day with the Angels and stay open to their loving presence.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen