Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Door Jamb: An Angel Message

As you know, lessons can be learned from many ordinary acts that play out in our lives.

Over the long spring and summer months, the heat and rain caused our backdoor to warp.  In our going out and in our coming in, it would take both hands tugging on the knob before it opened.  The adjustment was delayed in hopes that cool weather would contract the wood.

In patience, we laughed that at least we were building our muscles. This door has a welcoming personality.  It is the door where the wild buttercup plant grows out of a crack in the stucco wall.  A little palmetto plant has grown into a leafy tree.  The door where hungry cats show up for a meal, and stay.  We have one orange tabby now, but the max in the past 8 years has been two stray felines.  Another lesson in following guidance, and not letting fear rule that to feed one cat is to feed a soon-to-be army.  In truth, what blesses one blesses all.

But back to the backdoor ...

 Last week, a carpenter came and adjusted the doorjamb, leveled the frame, and now our access is free and easy. 

We are no longer stuck!  Elliot laughed.

 But here's the thing-- I still find myself in that old familiar pattern as I come and go throughout the day. My brain is slow to catch on as I impetuously yank on that doorknob.  The force of this act causes me to be thrust backwards in surprise. The struggle is all my own. There is no opposition.

This routine approach to the fixed door has given me an aha moment.  Do I still handle resolved issues without realizing they are a thing of the past?  I am thankful for the reminder of how old embedded memories may still be playing out long after a physical challenge or a difficult relationship has been healed.

I must be patient with myself.  A mental adjustment is needed, with the help of the angels and the Holy Spirit.  Now, at least as I approach the backdoor, I try to slow down and remind myself to relax, it is unstuck.  And, so am I-- from exerting unnecessary energy towards that old pattern. 

On mindful days, I will remember to invite the angels to go before me as I gladly venture out the door.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen