Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Spring! An Angel Message

Look what the first day of spring delivered.  The persistent wild buttercup seeded by the wind last spring has been able to flourish in a crack in the wall at our backdoor! The hardy message, Bloom where you're planted, brought a burst of sunshine with its record-breaking blossoms-- FIVE--the number of expansion!  Usually there are only one or two blooms, but the heavy rain the night before was just the boost needed to celebrate its birthday. 

In his book, Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews writes that buttercup is unique in that it will thrive in every part of the garden. This flower's positive energy can help to awaken a new sense of self-worth.  We will be able to know our special gifts and how best to share them.  We will soon discover this for ourselves and have our worth confirmed by others.  Other people will express appreciation for our abilities.  Take it to heart.  Buttercup heralds a time of healing and understanding.  This colorful expressive flower reminds us to express ourselves.  The power of our words, especially when applied to healing, will be increasing.  It alerts us to opportunities for new life directions and for sharing our light with others. 

I love how the yellow buttercup was "popping" just like the beautiful orange and purple poppies sprang up in the California SUPER BLOOM.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and look for ways to shine your joyful light.

Rae Karen