Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Geese Flyby: An Angel Message

A springlike winter day prompted a drive to a nearby lake to watch the birds. Dozens of mallards and puffins kept us entertained, diving in and out of the water in search of breakfast.  A graceful blue heron soared above and touched down on the shore waiting for food. It turned out to be a simple time to sit back and enjoy nature. 
As we were leaving, I heard a distant call of a flock of geese approaching.  Hoping they would fly by we waited, but they veered off in a "V" formation heading north over the woods.  "Shouldn't they be heading south?" I asked Elliot, feeling a touch of disappointment. I love the rush of geese flying by.  For an instant you're caught up in the freedom and expansiveness of the flock.
"Oh well, some other time," I thought as we turned to walk back to the car.
Then I heard honking, the flock was flying back toward us, in a double "V" formation!  They flew just above our heads, so close I could see their faces.  Waving and cheering, we sent them on, thankful for the blessing.
A double V formation makes the letter "W".  The message of the geese is about writing like  Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes. The goose energy aids in communication through the use of stories. A goose feather was a writing tool.  In Ted Andrews' book, Nature Speak, the "V" formation is very symbolic. It reflects by its shape an opening to new possibilities, like an arrowhead it points to new ideas. A sign that we are about to begin a new path. Greater vision physical and spiritual will occur.
The morning geese taught another lesson.  If a heart's desire seems to be coming our way and suddenly takes a turn, don't be disappointed.  Let go of your attachment, and if it is meant to be it will wing its way back, bigger and better than you can imagine.
I didn't have my camera because I ignored the angel nudge to bring it along.  :(

May your angels inspire you with new ideas that fed your soul today.

Rae Karen