Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Archangel Raphael

"And to Raphael, God said, "Heal the earth, and proclaim the healing of the earth."
-1 Enoch

Today my angel card is Archangel Raphael. In the Zohar, Raphael is charged to heal earth and "through him the earth furnishes an abode for man, whom he also heals of maladies." He is also the angel of science and knowledge. Raphael is the keeper and guardian of the most sacred symbol of Christian mysteries, the Holy Grail. He works to awaken the Great Quest, the quest for our true spiritual essence. He works with a group of light beings known as the Malachim.

He is also the overseer of the season of spring. The sun sometimes symbolizes him. He is the angel of brightness, beauty, healing and life. His name means, "God has Healed." Often he is shown with a caduceus staff and his finger pointing upward, a reminder of where all prayer is answered. He helps us to link the heart and mind in the healing process.

One of the best ways to open the energies and rhythms of Spring is by reading or meditating on stories of resurrection and renewal and imagine yourself as the hero/heroine of the story.

Some suggestions in Nature-Speak, are:

Biblical events in the death & resurrection of Jesus
Egyptian tale of resurrection of Isis.
Native American tale of White Buffalo Woman
Chinese tails of Kwan Yin
Hassidic tale, "The Healing Tree"
European tale, Snow White and Rose Red
European tale of Rumplestiltskin
Japanese tale, The Ugly Son
Goethe's Faust

Many blessings,