Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More on Guardian Angels

I found a neat little booklet on guardian angels at our Lady of LaLeche bookstore. I liked what it had to say about not only practicing a tender devotion to our own Guardian Angel, but to practice acknowledging the Guardian Angels of others. When we meet people we should at the same time we greet them, also lovingly silently salute their Guardian Angel.

Also when we enter a church or any other place where numbers of persons are gathered, it is good to remember to salute all the Guardian Angels present. When we walk the crowded streets of a city or town, let us silently or inwardly contemplate the Angels who accompany all in our presence. It's a wonderful transformation when I can remember to do this.

I've been practicing on our trip by thanking the Guardian Angel of each town or city we pass through. Now I am giving thanks to the Guardian Angel of Deland. It is comforting to know that wherever we go our angelic partnership is never interrupted. Our own Guardian Angel is with us through all our experiences.

May you day be filled with the joy of the Angels.