Friday, September 2, 2011

Angels in the Library

"The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him. And delivers them."
Psalm 34.7

Elliot and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Regent University Library. We collected our books and sat down to read at the individual desks, back to back, by the window. When we finished our research, I was surprised to see this poster on the wall behind us. Elliot pointed out the small print underneath. "You've been called to Regent to study exactly what you are studying right now...STUDY HARD! (From your friends at the Regent University Library)

I'm realizing more and more the answer to any situation is just a matter of getting Karen out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit direct my actions. There is only One Mind that is the true Mind of All that is in all. This Mind guides and directs. We never are certain as to how this help, this Divine leading may come. But getting our lower self out of the way and listening to the still quiet Voice can show us. The ideas we need will come to guide us to a right solution. It can come in any form. It may come as insight, illumination, leading or needed information. However it may come, it guides us in the direction we need to go. These spiritual ideas from the One Mind motivate us to reach out in a certain direction, to act in a wise way to reach our goal. It is God's angelic messengers who bring sudden insight, illumining our thoughts to a higher perspective of the seeming problem.

Angelic blessings,