Saturday, September 3, 2011

Angel Messages on the Road

("Not of this world, JESUS," sign in the rear window of pickup truck.)

(ARCH AGL License Plate beside the pickup.)

Angels messages were in the flow of traffic.  Two vehicles (above) had stopped at a redlight in front of us.  What timing as my adult son was in need of a new car since his had been totalled in a hit and run.  Archangel Michael is the angel of Change and Protection for every seeker on the spiritual path. I was thankful for my son's protection in the accident.

The blue car with the Archangel plates reminded me of Michael as his color his blue. Then I saw the pickup truck with "Jesus...Not of this world," on the rear window.

 In the scriptures, Jesus invites us to: "Come unto me all ye who are tired and heavy burden and I shall give you rest. " Coming to Jesus, is all about yielding to a place of Christ consciousness within us, within our consciousness. There is a rest in Christ, a peacefulness. Christ told us, "My kingdom is not of this world. The kingdom of heaven is within." In the midst of a crisis, the thought of this kingdom can still the complaints and grievances and bring peace. Jesus more than anyone else born of the flesh understood the nothingness of matter and the material world. He was One with the mighty Truth of an all-inclusive God, good, One Mind.

Every seeming problem comes with an answer. God is Love. When I choose to still my mind, and listen, insights will come, problems dissolve.

How wonderful to know that we are always in the company of His Angels. I can hardly wait to see all the good that is going to come from this.

Many blessings,

Rae Karen