Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Angel of Harmony

My good friend Debra gifted me with an angel coin several years ago. I tucked the Angel of Harmony into my wallet and soon forgot all about it. I love music but I'm not much of a singer. Harmony meant singing on key and since I had to lip synch in the 3rd grade chorus to blend in... harmony seemed like an unattainable goal for me.

Then recently I found the harmony angel coin buried at the bottom of my change purse. I saw harmony with fresh eyes because I'd been working with the idea of harmony and how all things work together harmoniously. Now instead of thinking about harmony just in relation to music, I realized I'd come to a whole new appreciation for how it can improve my everyday actions. By trying to stop and think before speaking or acting, I silently ask, Is this staying in harmony? Or am I being disruptive? I find that I have more peace by not reacting to every little nuisance.

After all, the law of harmony is in effect with the planets, the sun, the moon. Harmony relates to everything being in its proper right place at the right time.
The Angel of Harmony can teach the art of living harmoniously with yourself. If you are in tune with yourself, you can create harmony around you. You let each part of you have its own sound, so that everything is in agreement. By staying harmonious, we can stay attuned to the angelic messages that inspire us and clear the way for brighter days.