Thursday, May 24, 2012

Harmony with Nature

With no time to watch the tutorials for my new camera, I called on the angels to help me as we headed to Bok Tower in Winter Haven, Florida last week. The results were amazing and it's embarrassing to admit I didn't know what I was capturing until the photos were uploaded.  With the zoom feature and my unsteady arms, I was so happy that I had called out for assistance.

Off the beaten path, we found a lovely spot called The Window on the Pond.  Nature runs that show as you quietly take your seat inside the hut and wait to see what may appear at any moment. 


I was so excited when this fellah turned up for a meal.

And this hungry squirrel was enjoying corn and bird seed on a floating log.  I could see the reflection of the trees in his eyes

I was so thankful for the photo opportunities and for the angel's help in guiding my hand. 

Enjoy your day and all the beauty that surrounds you. What remained hidden will suddenly emerge in grace.