Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 My good friend, Debra,  sent  this lovely poem to celebrate my birthday and my favorite flower, the iris.  Flowers bring love to the heart.  The Angels speak to us through flowers, conveying messages of hope, love, and inspiration.  I read somewhere that God smiles in flowers.  May you feel the loving presence of joyful expectancy embracing your path today.   

White Iris, how pure, how lovely,
Like a virgin
In her starched lawn fete dress
Iris, pallid blue, gold veined,
And as if coloured from dawn chills,
Or from the yellow-fingered touching
Of curious starlight
Purple Iris,
Streaked with amethystine memories of the night,
Health-glossed and firm are those ripe wings
Of Oriental butterflies
So in my garden
Undulating ranks of Iris,
Slimly holding their broad flat blooms
(Like tripods of incense)
Aloft towards the moist spearing
Of morning sunlight.

by Michael Strange