Friday, November 30, 2012

Buddy, The Horse Healer: An Angel Message

While ordering lunch at the Artist Cafe in Lake Helen, I looked up from the menu.  To my surprise, a big brown horse had his head in the takeout window!  The old television show about a talking horse called Mr. Ed, flashed back as I wondered what this horse  had ordered. 

I looked away and when I turned back, he was gone, making me question my sight.   When our server appeared, I asked her if there had been a real horse at the take-out window.  She laughed. "Oh, that's Buddy. He loves peppermints."

I smiled.  A horse at a restaurant!  I loved the humor.  Out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary.  After all, Lake Helen is horse country, but this was a first. 

I've always been fearful of  horses.  They're so big.  And, the thought of putting my hand near a horse's mouth.... 

But, I've been trying to capture the innocence and joy of the inner child.  I decided to go outside and look for Buddy. 

His dark brown eyes looked at me with gentle understanding as I nervously reached up and opened my hand. Slurp, he gummed my fingers.  As I talked to him, he continued to lick my hand.  Maybe the turkey burger flavor kept him at it. 

I found my heart soften as I surrendered, and just let him love me.  He leaned his head up against my shirt and tried to nibble on it, too. "You're so handsome, Buddy," I told him.

Regina, the cafe manager, had taken a ride to town on her horse. "Buddy picks up the pace when the Cafe comes into sight, and heads straight for the carryout window."  I confessed to Regina that this was the first time I'd come close to a horse.  She laughed. "He doesn't seem to know the difference.  He loves you!"

I walked away with a big grin.  Thankful I'd chosen love over fear, I now had a new Buddy.

Later, I learned the message of horse: "Horse brings with it new journeys.  It will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power."

What a perfect fit.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Rae Karen

P.S. I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me.