Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking with Eyes of Love

At the Course in Miracles meeting this week the group teaching centered on Love, and how Love is the answer to every problem.  Begin to look on all things lovingly...

This morning I tried to put this into practice although I'll admit it wasn't my first thought.  A stray raccoon tailed cat has been coming around bullying a weaker gray tabby in need of food.  When he scared off the little one, I went outside and removed the food bowl.  I didn't like this cat and wanted him to leave the property.  I came inside feeling out of sorts.  Then a sudden impulse of an angelic nature made me go to the large picture window in the dining room and look out. 

The bully was walking by and looked up at the window sensing my presence.  I looked out at him remembering the Course.  I began sending thoughts of loving kindness and the most wonderful thing happened.  He stopped and stared up at me, his amber eyes growing wider.  Then he sat down and just stared some more.  This happened for maybe a minute, but I knew there was something greater going on between us.  Our eyes were locked in a gaze of love.  We were having a divine encounter, dropping our judgments and just recognizing the love of God we share.  I  felt my heart soften and my vision shift into a special place that is hard to describe, a sweet place of peace and serenity.

Then I went about my business...and so did he.

What started out as a problem became a gift of love and I was grateful for the lesson.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.