Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tree of Life

This week I've been reading Joel Goldsmith's books and I'm gaining more understanding about the nature of God.  He shares a meaningful metaphor about The Tree of Life as a means of embracing the idea of Oneness.  Each one of us is a branch on the tree being nourished by the trunk anchored to the earth.  To sustain our  individuality, we must stay attached to the tree.  Often we might feel as though we can do something on our own, laden with fruit, we sever our connection feeling confident in our lower self.  But all too soon we find that our branch has withered, separated from the source, and is now lifeless.

The key to transformation is to keep our consciousness connected to the invisible Tree, knowing I can do all things with Christ.

I recommend The Infinite Way or any of Joel Goldsmith's books for those who are seeking on the spiritual path. His practical applications for going within are helpful to living a more peaceful, loving and joyful life.