Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Has God changed His Mind about me?

This week our Course in Miracles study group came across the passage:  Has God changed His Mind about me?  This is the question we need ask ourselves whenever anything tries to threaten our peace of mind.

Then accept His decision... "for it is indeed changeless, and refuse to change your mind about yourself.  God will never decide against you, or He would be deciding against Himself."

"God does not change His Mind about you, for He is not uncertain of Himself."

I wanted to anchor this in my memory bank to use in stormy weather.  A funny image came to mind. I recalled many years ago that comedian Carol Burnette often did a skit, As The Stomach Churns, on her TV show; a spoof on a popular soap opera at the time.  I had a good chuckle imagining her in the midst of a big drama, turning away from her opponent and facing the camera, asking the audience with a puzzled look. "Has God changed His Mind... about me?"  (Ta-dum followed by dramatic organ music.)

I had to laugh, knowing how the ego loves to create drama.  That's what it feeds on.  That's what keeps it going, with the What if? ...  I should have...   If only I'd...   Why didn't you?  Why me?

Yet this simple but profound question is the answer to every little interference that tries to disturb our peace and confuse our identity.

God never changed his Mind about us.  We are created in His image and likeness, as spiritual beings.
So the next time we may find ourselves about to engage in fearful, guilty, angry thoughts or reactions, stop and take a time out to ask the question:  "Has God changed His Mind about me?"

 Then accept this powerful truth: God is Love and so are you.  God is all in all.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



(Reference ACIM, Chapter 10, The Idols of Sickness)