Monday, April 8, 2013

Saint Raphael on High

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

I found this beautiful photo of Saint Raphael and since this is the season that he governs I wanted to share it with you.  The word Saint comes from the Latin sanctus which means "holy."  Angels as well as human of supreme holiness are called Saints.  Archangel Raphael is also the Archangel that oversees travel and since we will be taking a trip, it's comforting to know his energies will be with us.  As I began writing the blog, my attention was drawn to a little booklet on St. Raphael by Angela Carol.  I found this passage she quoted very comforting.

"An Archangel is like a revelation, a divine message, living and communicative.  Let us ask of all the Archangels...these beings of Light...the true Light regarding the Divinity and Incarnation of Christ, regarding His glory and grace, and all spiritual things.  The super natural light is so precious in the practice of virtues...that the Archangels who receive this light from God want nothing else to radiate it and to make our souls more fruitful in grace.  This is their happiness:  to announce to us the glory of God in the supernatural mysteries, for our instruction and to exhort us in a most intimate manner, penetrating to the depths of our souls as no human being can--no matter how learned.  Let us open our hearts to these living lights of God and let them stir up our wills to a new and expansive activity and zeal of soul."    (Sh. Sauve', SS, L'Ange et L'Homme Intime p. 16)

It's wonderful to know that the Angels are among us. When we open our heart and our mind to receive their guidance, protection, illumination, and love, peace enfolds us and we move with grace.