Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Teach Only Love: An Angel Message


Oh my, every day I get many opportunities to choose peace instead of chaos.  A peace pole stands in the meditation garden as a sign to keep the peace. Our angel of the garden statue stands with hands folded praying unceasingly. 

Some tests are both unexpected and extreme. I'm learning that all events are designed for my own good. Each one presents an opportunity to choose peace.  I may not get there at first thought, but that's all part of the learning.  My next door neighbor began felling his trees.  His over determination to take control of his life was a trait I've recognized at times in myself.  Soon he will be unemployed and is hoping to plant a vegetable garden in his shady backyard woods.  How painful to watch him tackle a large tree with his little hand saw that eventually got stuck.  

I prayed for the highest good of all, asking for the release of the tree spirit.  A friend of his showed up with a chain saw.  I tried to remain calm, not looking out the window, too distressed to watch.  

A loud CRACK! I hurried to the window, the felled tree landed on another tree and it collapsed over the fence and into our yard. 

Our Easter lilies, flowers and Mother Mary statue were buried in the leafy mass that covered the corner of our yard. 

All the loving energy over the two years, I'd spent co-creating with nature in the garden was suddenly in chaos.  I wish I could say I didn't lose my peace.  It was strange as I had a peaceful inner acceptance of "what is" in that moment.  Then my ego's sense of injustice prevailed.  I marched outside to talk to him about boundaries.  I let off a little steam, but my lovable stray tabby clung to my furry slippers, reminding me of love.  Teach only love and soon my anger gave way to compassion, and my neighbor and I parted in peace.  

Theo Teaching Me to Hold on to Love

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen