Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Wild Purple Thistle - A message from the Angels

                                  A Wild Purple Thistle by the Sidewalk Outfront

Yesterday, heavy rains put a damper on The Wildflower Festival hosted each year by Main Street.  The angels have a sense of humor as well as divine timing. A wildflower came to pay us a visit. Last evening when the weather cleared, Elliot and I went for a walk.  From the heavy winds earlier in the day, a gathering of branches had blown on our sidewalk.  Picking them up, I saw this big purple globe headed thistle.  It seemed to have sprung up over night; and against all odds, it had seeded in the opening of a cinder block!  That's what I call perseverance.  

I was thankful the lawn service had't come on schedule.

Seeing it blossom there, I was reminded that we can set the conditions for growing a flower by doing our best to keep it water and fertilized, but the mystery of life comes from an invisible Divine presence.  

Everything has significance.  This purple thistle seemed like a floral apostle. I looked up the meaning in Nature-Speak.  All thistles have leaves with spiny margins.  It is the national flower of Scotland. And it is most often used in the treatment of liver conditions. 

The thistle combines a sense of pride and defensiveness.  When thistle shows up, we need to ask ourselves: Are we being too defensive?  Are we exposed to constant complaining and criticism? Are we doing everything we can to help ourselves?   Do we need to clean up some aspect of our life?  

Thistle reminds us to maintain pride in who we are and not be afraid to defend ourselves against criticism of others.  

I especially loved the color, purple.  A spiritual tone.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,