Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hibiscus, An Angel Message

(New hibiscus bloom in the garden this morning)

This colorful  big reddish orange bloom caught my eye early this morning.  After yesterday's rain, she had burst wide open. There's nothing subtle about her energy pattern with its complex diversity. Not only are her five blossoms expansive and beautiful, she continues to open to creative expression in a burst of yellow flowery spikes, that bear their own versatility with five bright red circular heads .  Five is the number of expansion, the pentagon,  going outside the box, and freedom.  Something new is happening, getting ready to blossom.

This exotic flower messenger, the state flower of Hawaii, makes quite a statement.  She is free to be herself.  Her appearance indicates that freedom is our birthright; although we may seem to be unpleasantly stuck in some set of circumstances, mindset, or condition, if we take a hint from hibiscus, we can tune into our inner freedom and become masters of our own glorious destiny. We can put ourselves back in the driver's seat and take responsibility for our own life, truly expressing who we are.

Hibiscus appear freely and consistently on bush-like plants for many weeks although each flower may live only as long as a day. That's why they symbolize rebirth and youthfulness. A message to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, if only for a short time.  Enjoy each moment.  Live in the eternal "now".

It is a flower of new creation.  It stimulates positive feelings of warmth and sexuality.  It reminds us of our own ability to create anew. 

Thank you, Hibiscus for being such a beautiful messenger.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,