Friday, May 30, 2014

Iris - Message from the Angels

Let me hear from thee;
For wheresoe'er thou art in this world's globe
I'll have an Iris that shall find thee out.

Last week the soldering clips on my favorite iris stained glass broke. Elliot discovered  the iris resting on the window ledge, having made quite a drop during the night. It seemed as though the angels had embraced the fall as it had not shattered.  It was protected in its wholeness having "gently" slid down to rest on the window ledge below; although it made a large gash in the window sill.  

The iris came from my Mom as a birthday gift over twenty years ago. At that time, I was beginning a new life; irises held a special meaning for me.  Whenever I came across one, I took it as a sign that God loves me and He's walking with me.  

Recently, I'd taken the message of the iris for granted. So its reminder was a timely one. 
A quick trip to a stained glass artist restored the harmony.  Double soldering both sides, the iris returned to her rightful place by the front door.  A reminder to go with God.

If an iris crosses your path, remember, too, it once was the word used for a rainbow. Whatever you may be going through, the rainbow awaits you. Your victory is assured just keep your focus on God and the angels.

Love and blessings,