Friday, January 2, 2015

A Painted Turtle - An Angel Message from Nature

 (Photo: Painted Turtle, Wikimedia Commons)

On our way home from lunch in Orange City yesterday, Elliot's heart went out to a large turtle trying to cross the road. I couldn't believe the size of this one, twice as big as a dinner plate!  Traveling toward the marshland, he was half way across a two-lane road.  No cars were coming in his lane.  Elliot pulled off the road and I hurried out.

A red truck coming behind us, slowed down. I motioned for the driver to help and picked up a long dead palmetto branch to use as a guide. A woman pulled off the road and the next thing I knew she'd picked up the BIG turtle and was carrying him across the road like a flat broad tray! 

 "Look at you!" I laughed, as she set him down near the edge of the trees.   

"What were you going to do?...sweep him across the road!"  She smiled. 

 "Your're an angel," I smiled.  " do we know he won't turn around and go back across the road?" I worried.  "Should he be closer to the pond?" I asked.  

She nodded, picking him up. His neck stuck out as she held him up.  "He's a Painted Turtle," she said.  Elliot had joined us as we admired the beautiful yellow markings on his head and neck. His eyes were soulful.  Overwhelmed by all the love, he retreated inside his shell. 

 "You're an Angel," I told her again, as we watched his legs lumber towards the pond.  "I always try to help as best I can," she smiled.  We exchanged "Happy New Year!" And took off, grateful that the turtle was safely on his way.

At home, I looked up the symbolism of the Painted Turtle.  "When Painted Turtle appears, we can expect our faith and efforts to be rewarded within two to three months if we continue our efforts.  We must persist.  Painted Turtle is very hardy and reminds us if we can persist and have faith, we will very soon succeed."  They also teach the importance of color; mirroring new color coming into our lives.  (Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews)

This wonderful message applies to you, too.  Remember your new Angel companion for the year.  Elliot's is the Angel of Compassion and mine, Spontaneity, both evident in yesterday's experience!

Enjoy the day with the Angels.  

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen