Thursday, January 8, 2015

Run Your Race: An Angel Message

With all the turtle energy, "Run Your Race" seems to be the angelic message for the start of the New Year.  The theme was compounded when we watched the inspirational movie Secretariat last night.  The Virginia Thoroughbred's breeder and owner, Penny Chenery, found herself beginning to run her own race (living her purpose) when she took over her father's racehorse farm.  The movie is as much about her own personal victory, running toward Life as it is her loving connection with the beautiful big red 1973 Triple Crown Winner, Secretariat. 

A powerful message young Penny learned from her Dad: It doesn't matter whether they think you win the race or not.  It's whether you think you did. "You run you own race, Penny," he said, and she did! 

As shown above, Elliot keeps these inspirational horses and scripture over his desk.  He suggested that I include in the blog today what I heard this morning when I wrote in my journal, "Lord, what would you have me learn today?"

The answer came:

"The race is your life and how you run it is up to you, on the physical plane. In reality, you are and always have been victorious, but in your dream of lack you must press on toward the goal of awakening in Me.  Let Me be the thunder in your hooves--the fire in your nostrils--the intensity of your desire to press on toward victory.  Don't fear, hang on tight to Me, and hunker down as we storm the finish line.  Without Me, you cannot win, with Me you cannot fail.  Victory is assured."

Enjoy your race with Christ holding the reins.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen