Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Sunflower Messenger: An Angel Message

(Wild sunflower blooming on our street yesterday)

Yesterday the angel blog was on choosing happiness. Happiness is an inside job. 

With that happy focus, the day unfolded with unexpected gifts.  The most surprising was a sunny wild sunflower camped by the road. At first glance I couldn't believe it.  A sunflower blooming in the winter was like a mirage, a perfect expression of happiness. I hurried home to get my camera to share the blessing with you.  

Ted Andrews in his book, Nature-Speak, points out that a sunflower reflects a time of happiness and well-being as healing energy is strong. This flower always turns its face toward the sun, facing east at sunrise and west at sunset. I loved the reminder for me to keep my eyes on the light throughout the day.  

The Sunflower

Lying here I'm a dry old seed.
Am I a flower--or am I a weed,
Buried in the dark of the earth,
I patiently wait for the hour of birth.
Over me has rolled a stone.
Leaving me cold and so alone.
And now it has broken me in two
Woe unto me, what can I do?

Joy, oh joy, I'm beginning to sprout!
Something is pushing me up and out
Higher and higher into the air--
I'm glad I'm alive and not down there.
My head grows heavy as time goes by,
Too heavy to hold, and I wonder why.
The sun strikes a window and I bow down.
Would you believe it, I'm wearing a crown!
A crown of gold! Oh, happiest hour!
For here I stand, a real sunflower!
What was it wakened me deep in the sod,
And raised me up?  Do you think it was God?

                    --Jeanne Crommelin

A sunflower also manifests opportunities which help us find our own "inner sun" and our own means of self-realization.  The message of this golden flower is to be alert to upcoming opportunities for happiness and well-being.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen