Friday, February 6, 2015

Let There Be Light...An Angel Message


  (Creation Collector Plate by Yiannis Koutsis)

I'm a bargain hunter at heart.  It's fun to browse through thrift shops and yard sales not knowing what treasures may turn up.  Yesterday after enjoying a slice of pizza, an angel message nudged, Stop by The Habitat for Humanity Thrift Shop.  

I always ask the angels to show me what I need to see.   A cheerful yellow bumble bee teapot on the shelf was a winner. Bee is symbolic of enjoying the nectar of life.  This year I'm loving the color yellow.  Last year's challenges are gone, and sunshine is breaking through.  

That's why the rising sun in this Creation plate was quite a find. The world appears unpopulated and tranquil in the first glow of God's Light. The raging waters have calmed to set the stage for all our human dramas to be played out under the providence of His Hands.  In Genesis 1, scripture tells us that everything God created was good, and that we were made in His image and likeness as spiritual beings, Children of Light.

This morning I took a new photo of the Creation plate to capture the sun's rays lighting up the picture through the window.  Yesterday's photo was good, but this one was even better.  Another reminder to rely on divine timing.  "Let there be light!" And light came into being.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen