Friday, December 30, 2016

A Camel Angel Message

                                                                 Life is like a camel:
                                                                 you can make it do
                                                             anything except back up.
                                                                 -- Marcelene Cox

I'm not so sure my grandmother Jessie in heaven didn't pick out this camel gift in a storefront window at Christmastime. She had a favorite old rock shaped like a camel's head that would serve as a door stopper. Beige in color, it resembled the face of a camel, complete with eyes, a nose, and a smile. 

Camels are hardy creatures equipped to endure long treks across the desert. They represent perseverance and survival, carrying us through the dry barren patches of life. This morning I became aware of a greater significance of this animal and the role it played in the Bridegroom's visit in the ancient Hebrew marriage tradition. The Bridegroom must travel by camel to get his bride. He rides on the camel with an entourage of family and friends trailing behind him on foot. They make their way to the tent city of the bride whose family and friends are waiting to receive them. The groom dismounts from the camel and the ceremony begins.

This tradition takes us to a higher level as we see that God is the Bridegroom and comes to us across time and space. We are each the bride, and we only need to open up our hearts to receive Him.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen