Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Drumming to A New Rhythm - An Angel Message from a Woodpecker

                                Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This morning a woodpecker was drumming a loud song outside the window.  Rat-tat-tat...his steady beat digging in deep with his bill sounded more like a jackhammer.  He was purpose driven, not letting up but intent on getting the job done.  Something I no doubt need to focus on.  I was in bed when I first heard him tapping on the tree.  Out of curiosity, I got up to take a look.  With my camera, I hoped to get a pic for the blog.  

As I stood in the garden in the early morning sunlight, I was happy he'd driven me out of bed to greet the beauty of a new day.  Hammering away high in a treetop, I couldn't see him, but I was well aware of his presence.  He paid no attention to me but kept pecking at his goal. The message was so deliberate I looked up the woodpecker in Animal-Speak.

If a woodpecker has drummed out a song for you, ask yourself:
Am I looking at aspects of my life rationally?
Are others not discriminating in their activities?  Am I?
Am I and others jumping into situations without thinking it out clearly?

Sometimes a woodpecker will appear to stimulate new rhythms.  Sometimes we neglect the physical, getting so wrapped up in the mental and spiritual activities.  A woodpecker may reflect a need to drum some new changes into your life.  When one shows up, it is to let you know the foundation is there to follow your own rhythm and flight.  "Do what works for you in the manner that is best for you."

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,