Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How Deep Is Deep Enough? An Angel Message

While taking a walk at Back Bay Park in Virginia Beach, I was surprised to find this water level marker sticking up like a yardstick. How deep is deep enough? It brought back memories of a time when my life was at the crossroads. I was driving back home to Atlanta from a visit in my home state Virginia. No more NBC angel documentaries were planned. 

 What next?

 With 500 miles to go, I reached for the car radio to break the monotony. It was timely as I listened to a Christian broadcast on Joshua and his plight to cross the Jordan River with all the Israelites. Not really in the mood for a sermon, I changed the station.  But it was the only program on the airwaves.  In need of guidance, I stayed tuned:

The minister asked, “Do you know what it's like to camp? The preparation required?”

Joshua was responsible for 3 million people. He needed a state the size of Rhode Island, a 700-mile radius for the Israelites. God provided garments and shoes that lasted for 40 years. Heavenly manna was provided daily. As they marched along, the people were told to stay far behind the Ark of the Covenant. Some believed this was because they were tainted and may spoil the Ark. But the minister said that God wanted all the people to be able to keep their eyes on the Covenant. If it were too close to the crowd up front, the people in the back would not be able to see it.

The minister spoke about the faith the priests who carried the Ark had to have the day they approached the Jordan River. The closer they came to the water's edge, the more trust was needed. There was no visible sign the mighty river would recede. They began to wade into the water.

The minister said, “The message was to keep your eyes on God." Sometimes God doesn't come until the water is up around your knees. Sometimes your neck. But the point is, you have to put your feet in the water before He will come. You can't just stand on the shore. You have to have faith and demonstrate that faith. As you go through uncertainties in your life, keep your eyes on God and remember how He came through for you in the past.

I turned off the radio.        

Glug...Glug...Glug...I was in the deep water, for sure, uncertain about my future. After listening to that timely message, the rest of the drive, I reflected on how God had helped me with other challenges.  Instead of worrying about the future, I needed to trust God.

Later in South Carolina, I tried the radio again, hoping for some music. The only program within range was that same talk about Joshua! I laughed, recognizing the angels wanted to make sure I got it. "Thank you, Angels.  I got it the first time!"  I was grateful for the message.

Finally back in Atlanta, as I turned down the driveway at home, the church marquis on my street made me look twice: Keep your eyes on Jesus. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels. May our faith deepen this year with the help of God's Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

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