Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Missing Key - An Angel Message

Several days ago Elliot discovered a lost key on the front walk. This find reminded me of other keys that had turned up in the past.

For instance, one day while sitting in the backyard, I was just drifting with no particular thought. The large trees had been recently pruned, cutting away the dead wood.  I was feeling a little pruned myself and so I was spending time enjoying nature in the now.  As I laid back on the chaise lounge, my attention was drawn to the giant key propped up against the old camphor tree.  It had been a fun find at a thrift shop that made me wonder about the large door of opportunity it  could open. Alice in Wonderland came to mind... how objects would grow or shrink to teach her a lesson.

I love the ending of her journey. As Alice is frantically retracing her steps back to the door, the Queen's fierce army of Cards in hot pursuit is about to nab her. In a barrage of fear, it looks like Alice is a goner, but she knows the goal. If she can just make it to the door, she'll be home! To her surprise, as she pulls on the doorknob, the door is locked! I've got to get home! Her fate seems sealed, but when she was told to look through the keyhole, in amazement, she sees herself sleeping peacefully under the shade of the tree. WAKE UP, ALICE!, she repeatedly shouts. Thank God that it was only a dream. Alice was home all the time.

So no matter what your story may look like today, as you look at your keys, may you remember the missing key: WAKE UP! It's only a dream, that you can ever be separated from the Love of God. Angels lovingly watch over you.

You are at home in God,
dreaming of exile
but perfectly capable of
awakening to reality.
                                        Is it your decision to do so?                                        (A Course in Miracles - Chapter 10)

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and  joyful blessings,

Rae Karen