Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Morning Star: Angel Message

                                           (September 6, 2017 from my east window)

Yesterday morning I got up early to meditate and pray, and had more peace about Irma.  When I went back to my den and opened the curtains, I happened to look up and see a morning star.  There it was shining through a gray veiled sky!  I called Elliot to come take a look.  I hadn't seen a star in a long time and my angel card for the day was the Angel of Vision.  As I watched it dance through my camera lens, I was reminded of a quote from A Course in Miracles:

The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light,
as innocent as love itself.

In the ACIM Manual for Teachers, I found another quote that fit the forecast for the day.  

"The morning star of this new day looks on
a different world where God is welcomed
and His Son with Him."

Ponce de Leon named our state Florida which means "flowery place" or "land of flowers."   May we all bloom in peace.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen