Friday, August 24, 2018

Monkey-Mind: An Angel Message

Yesterday I found this amusing old photo in my computer.   Several years ago, a friend had emailed it while on a Caribbean cruise. The cute, little monkey riding on her back at a wildlife refuge reminded me of my own monkey mind; my ego's constant chatter, with the attention span of a gnat. 

A blog was stirring. 

 I emailed my friend for permission to use her photo. Synchronicity was at play.  Turns out, she's taking a spiritual class at church and they were just talking about the monkey mind, and how to be aware and concentrate.  She had tried one of the exercises today, which was: "Do only one thing at a time."  Eat breakfast and not read or work a crossword puzzle while eating. "I almost made it, but picked up the puzzle before I finished eating." She laughed. "I will keep trying."  

More monkey business was at hand when I discovered a retro optical illusion postcard arrived that I had ordered last week.   Look at the picture, Woman or Chimp?  You decide.  
Woman or Chimp?
Vintage Optical Illusion Postcard

As far as handling my monkey, I've found that morning meditation helps to quiet my mind, as well as starting each day with gratitude. And, most of all, to live each moment in the now.  

Have a joyful day with your angels, and watch your focus.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen