Friday, February 10, 2023

A Time to Celebrate Trees: Angel Message

I was bundled up in my heavy fleece winter coat, the old one with the embroidered flowers on the lapel.  Hei-Hei, our cat, stared wide-eyed at my odd appearance, startled by the ball of fake fur on top of my beige stocking cap pulled down over my ears. He seemed perplexed, wondering if I had a run-in with a friendly squirrel, or else I was just plain nuts.   

It is a little crazy to live in Florida. To long for white glistening snows, fun sledding, and warm cocoa by the fireplace.  At heart, I'm a regular Nanook from the North.  A drop in temperature gets my blood stirring and out of the stuffiness of the house and into the fresh, crisp air. 

 So that day, I looked forward to visiting a special historic oak tree, rooted not far from the windy shores of Daytona Beach. 

Last year's major hurricanes made me wonder if the old oak would still be around. Four years had passed since our last visit.  A trail of shaded woods led through a patch of prickly palmettos, up and down sandy dunes, we trekked in search of the old tree. Then up ahead in the forest, there it was. The old tree was patiently waiting, as all trees must do. Heavy limbs twisted and looped like a thick pretzel formed by the winds over the years.  But something beautiful had created her into a natural archway.  A picture of beauty and grace that went far beyond physical sight.  

I was struck how the old tree bowed down to welcome all. 

Something stirred within as I accepted her invitation and stepped through the threshold, in hopes I could grow as graceful, under pressure of whatever change comes my way.  I patted her with thanks for the lesson, hoping a touch of  her patience, poise, and flexibility would stick on me.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Another old tree down the path told a story-- two hearts etched in wood. 

This is heart month, and also a time to celebrate the New Year for the Trees. 

Angel messages from nature are good for the heart.  God is always speaking to us--trees, birds, clouds, anything that moves our heart and lifts us higher.  Maybe you've noticed lately that whatever you're focusing on soon pops up on your path, a quick manifestation of thought.  

Please remember that you are never alone.  You are always in the company of God's angels.  God is Love. And, the best is yet to come. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen