Saturday, September 14, 2019

Wilderness Testing: An Angel Message

Angels send messages in heartwarming, unexpected ways, that often can make you shake your head in smiling wonder.  I'm so grateful for their creative messages that arrive at the right time in just the right way to speak to our soul.

The morning after Hurricane Dorian, Elliot and I took a drive to Lake Helen. As we parked by a tree, I noticed a man in a gold van, looking out at the lake. 

For privacy, we parked on the other side of the old cypress tree to enjoy the lakeside view.  With the car windows rolled down, a fresh breeze cleared the air.  The lake was a beautiful vision of serenity.   The sun shining on the rippled waters, fully restored by the heavy rains.  A family of long-legged sandhill cranes had come to the lake to fish.

With a deep sigh of relief, we were thankful that Dorian had passed by Florida, and for all the prayers.  We were also praying for the recovery efforts in the Bahamas.

It was then I heard the gentleman in the van reading his Bible outloud.  I listened to the powerful words carried on the breeze.  It did feel as though the angels had orchestrated the timing as it was a favorite passage.

 After Jesus had received the Holy Spirit, He had been led by the Spirit to the wilderness where he spent 40 days and 40 nights fasting and praying.  At the end of his 40 days, the devil showed up to test Jesus' spiritual muscle. "Turn the stones into bread," the devil  first tempted the hungry Christ. 

The adversary comes when we are at our most lowest, most vulnerable point, he believes we will fall for his tricks in our weakened state.  But Jesus knew better. In the wilderness,  Jesus was tested three times by the devil.  (You can read about it in Matthew 4:11.)

 Satan is so crafty he even quoted Psalm 91:11 telling Jesus to prove who He is by commanding His angels to help cast him down from a tall steeple where Satan has precariously placed him.  But Jesus knowing the truth, rebuffed the temptation to use His power unwisely, and to rely on the will of His heavenly Father to see him through. Three times He was tested.  Three times He rebuffed his adversary. 

Looking out on the pristine lake, I heard the wonderful words of encouragement that rang out in the sunshine. "Then the devil leaveth him, and behold, angels came and ministered unto him."
Angels.  I smiled.  I know the angels were with us in the storm, and we were tested to stay strong and abide in the Secret Place of the Most High. 

Life is like that.  We go through trials and just when we are close to the finish line, the opponent shows up to test our faith.  During those trying times, if we can cling to Christ, and keep running our race, moment by moment, we will cross the finish line in victory.

So, no matter what you may be facing today in your wilderness experience, please take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, the Holy Spirit is within you, guiding you.  And, you, dear friend,  are in the presence of angels, who are eagerly waiting in the wings to rush in and refresh you when it's all over.

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Artwork:  Angels Ministering to Christ in the Wilderness, Thomas Cole