Monday, March 23, 2020

A Leap: An Angel Message

You have been in our thoughts and prayers during this time of unprecedented transformation.  Elliot and I moved to Lake Helen on March 17th, a favorite little town we loved to visit weekly and picnic by the lake.  Through angel guidance earlier this month, an amazing opportunity presented itself out of the blue, so we took a leap eight miles down the road to a lovely place in nature.  Cows, horses,-- an abundance of wildlife is here.  

The first morning, what a delightful surprise when our friendly neighbors came by.  More than a half-dozen wild turkeys were gobbling and grazing in the field next door.  Tom Turkey stopped long enough for me to grab my phone in time to catch him fanning his tail feathers!  I love it!  Turkey represents thanksgiving and abundance, and so I was grateful for this unusual treat.  With no internet service at the time, nature's email showed up daily, parading by our sun room window.

A family of sandhill cranes strolled by with two fuzzy babies.
The babies shown here blend in with well with the grasses, and are camouflaged, those little golden brown fuzzy birds.  A message of new birth, so hang on, and expect the best.

 Psalm 91 is a powerful prayer of protection, so claim what it says, and stay strong.  Love is greater than fear.  And during this time of global transformation, how blessed to be in the presence of unseen heavenly hosts.  The contagion is fear, not the trust in God and keep having faith that more is going on than meets the eye.  Perfect love casts out fear.

And, a final touch from nature lumbered across the lawn on Saturday morning.  A large turtle, a message to slow down, be patient, and remember who won the race.  Divine Love is the victor.
Slowly Elliot and I are getting settled.  With no gas for the stove as yet, I've been cooking oatmeal in the electric rice maker.  Works better than on the stove!   And my old electric wok is cooking up lots of fresh veggies, served with rice.   Angel thoughts pop in on how to eke by until the service is turned it all is workable, day by day.

That's where I keep my focus, one day at a time in gratitude.  So thankful that you are here and blessed by God and His angels as we work together to hold the Light of Truth during this global transformation.

Love and peace and joy to you and your family. 

Thank you, Christ Jesus and all of the Heavenly Host for the infinite loving service you are providing humanity as we make a quantum leap in consciousness by going within at this hour. 

Rae Karen