Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Slow and Steady: An Angel Message

On Memorial Day, I worried about our neighbor, Timothy, as I watched the fast moving orange tractor mower gobble up the tall weeds and wildflowers in the pasture next door.  Noisily, it circled round the tree stand, coming closer and closer each time to the home of the gopher tortoise.  A dusty blizzard soon stirred the parched field. 

 I hoped Timothy had enough time to hunker down before the whirlwind began.  

Silently I watched from the window, asking the angels of nature to protect and guide him to safety.   

In late afternoon, when all the dust finally settled, and the job complete, I went to the fence and called out. 

No sign of Timothy.  

An angel idea came to me to take the garden hose.  To create a gentle refreshing rain shower by  spraying the thirsty tree branches above his hollow in the shade of the hardwoods.  

But still, no sign of Timothy stirring, which is not unusual.  He has a way of showing up by divine appointment.

Early this morning,  an angel message came for the day. "Go slow and steady.  Take time to enjoy the scenery along the way."

Before long a happy confirmation came my way. 

A dusty brown hard shell was lumbering along the road home. Tortoise, as you know, is a sign to take it slow and steady. 

What joy to find Timothy out and about, enjoying the morning sunshine and fresh cool air. After a friendly photo op, he seemed happy to hear that rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  And, take a tip from the victorious tortoise.  Take it slow and steady, one step at a time.   And, tune in for inner guidance before taking action.

Amusing, as a cotton-tailed bunny sprinted down the road earlier this morning, dashing off in the bushes, easily distracted. We all know how the race ends when we stay humble, and do our best each day to steadily make progress toward the goal. 


Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen