Thursday, June 3, 2021

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones: An Angel Message

 For over a month, a truckload of landscaping rocks has become a theme on our daily walk to the swimming pool.  The heavy laden shipment has been pending placement in the community.  Boulders, flat oval stones, and a bundle of river rocks -- all different weights and sizes.  An angel  message came to me recently as I walked by the rocky piles. Be careful not to place a stumbling block on the path of another.  

Seeing the variety of stones, it came to me how sometimes, unintentionally or otherwise, I may entertain a judgment about someone.  It could be a little fault or a big grievance that I'm perceiving.  Why are they doing this?  When will they do that?  Anyway it's witnessing to something less than their true spiritual identity, Love's creation.

 Thoughts are things... and it hit me that although seemingly invisible they have an impact on another as well as myself.  I recall from childhood, Dad often quoted, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."   

If we're in a body right now, we are each walking a rocky road working out our own salvation, step by step.  Compassion is what is most needed.  We are here to love one another. 

While writing this, a thought came in.  A special rock had turned up on my path many years ago.  Pulling it out of my desk drawer, I recalled a sleepy sunrise walk at Virginia Beach. Soon my pockets were filled with glistening shells and stones I picked up along the way.  

Back at home, and more fully awake, I examined my stash.  I'd been hoping to find a heart-shaped rock, but that didn't happen.  To my surprise, I had something much better.  The sea had naturally carved a heart through a rock, to let the light in.  

I still treasure that joyful stepping stone that came when needed most. 

Proof that Love can make a way in the hardest circumstances.  A reminder to never give up.  Just keep on extending love.  Eventually LOVE conquers all. 
A touch of synchronicity just happened...
Elliot returned from a neighborhood walk and those landscape rocks were being randomly placed around the community to enhance the area.  
 Enjoy your day spreading joy and love with the angels. 

Rae Karen