Monday, August 9, 2021

Gator Alert: Angel Message

Looks can be deceiving...  Perceptions skewed.  The physical senses cannot be completely trusted.  Spiritual discernment and pure intuition are needed to rise above and beyond limited appearances.  Last week that lesson came close to home on an early evening trip to the lake. 

In the distance, some thing partially emerged underneath the water and was floating slowly in our direction... 

Ducks usually swim directly from one side of the lake to the other side, preferring to play in the shallow waters.  This motion was quite different, not something you see often. Without my camera to zoom in, the thought of a possible gator came to mind.

It floated low in the water, with little more than eyes and nostrils showing in the sunlit peaceful lake.  An alligator didn't belong in such a quiet serene vista.  In July 2020, the 5-ft. gator first made his presence known to us. And we hadn't seen him since.

 Now an ominous armor of thick bony scales swam slowly inland toward the favorite watering hole for the sandhill cranes, turkey buzzards, and a variety of ducks. 

It was hard to believe.  A gator.  No one else was around. Thankfully, no other birds or animals were on the scene.  By all appearances it was another pleasant evening at a favorite place to relax and enjoy nature. 

The timing was interesting.  The day before, while at the lake, I had opened up my mail. My gator postcard order of the photo taken in 2020 was in the mix.  The first time I'd ever seen the gator in all the years we've come to the lake.  And, to find a dragonfly taking a ride on the gator's head at sunset was yet another surprise when the picture had been uploaded and magnified.  

The timing of his return appearance made me wonder?  Had my thoughts somehow attracted him back into the picture?  Seeing an alligator is very rare, thank goodness. 

The Disney song from Peter Pan came to mind.  

Never Smile at a Crocodile.  

No you can't be friendly with a crocodile...

Don't be taken his welcome grin.  

He's imagining how will you'd fit within his skin.

Soon a lone muscovy duck showed up.

 I called out to warn the unsuspecting duck paddling toward the lurking gator in the calm.   

No matter how hard I tried, the duck didn't listen, not even to a promise of food.  

Nervously I watched the duck paddle in circles as if no worries, coming closer to the gator.  Maybe they were friends? 

A statement in divine Science came to mind about how all of God's creatures move in harmony, are indestructible, helpful and on purpose. 

This lake was a place of harmony.  All God's creatures move in harmony was affirmed in the moment.

Suddenly a stirring commotion in the water...

A long whipping tail created a circular wave of concentric ripples. 

 A sudden lurch... a loud SPLASH... 

At last, the duck woke up --squawking--wings flapping, lifting it up and safely to shore.   It had been a close call...but ended well.


At home research on the crocodile/alligator represent a presence of primal strength and creation, a signal that maternal forces are at hand.  These reptiles are good mothers, taking care of their young.  

When crocodile appears it may indicate that we are not taking advantage of our impulses.  We may need to be cautious of things hidden and unexpected, especially in environments that nurture us.  There may be reason for distrust.  If we are not careful, we many be in danger of being dragged under in some way.  This is the time to trust what is right for us, our home, our children and our endeavors. New birth and initiation are near as well as the strength needed to accomplish them.

I'm thankful for the angelic reminder that the answers will come as to what we need to know when we stay in the now, still our minds and go within.  This is the time to trust in our own inner guidance and act upon it as we get led.  Angels are with us.  God's representatives. God is Love.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen





 Ref. Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews