Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Lesson from an Old Pine Tree: An Angel Message

Nature is always speaking.  Several months ago, I rearranged the sectional sofa in the sun-room,  changing the view. The old pine tower was no longer a focal point since the vertical blinds didn't open as wide as they should. Little did I know this would help to soften an upcoming blow.   

A few weeks ago, a wind storm blew through the neighborhood, with no sign of damage.   I didn't think much of it, until a week later when I looked out the sun-room window.  Something was different.  The sky strangely vast and empty. Then, it slowly hit me. Our favorite bird perch was gone.

My heart ached. With nearby construction underway, it seemed like the job of a work crew.

The gangling old pine had taught me a powerful lesson on snap judgments.  When we first moved here in 2020, I  remorsefully remember calling her an eye-sore, wondering why she was still standing, spoiling the view? 

Patience-and-perseverance was the answer.  An opportunity to teach that all things work together for good, except in my ego's opinion.  A change of perception had me choose to be grateful I could see her at all.   

During lock-down, with no human visitors, the unsightly tower slowly transformed into a thing of beauty. A focal point of joy.    We eagerly were on the look-out for the bird messenger of the day. Who would come to soak up the sun's warm rays on the old pine's welcoming high perch?  Red-tailed hawk, white doves, crows, wood stork, red-headed woodpecker, or  turkey buzzards. One day, a brave little squirrel scaled the tree to crown it with his bushy tail flickering in the sunlight.  Squirrels represent balance in our giving and receiving, and in work and play. 

Oh, I missed my tree friend. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.  Somberly, I walked down the drive, and crossed the street.  I stood at the fence, sending her love thoughts.  I thanked the old weathered pine for her communion and service.  To my surprise, the pine stood erect in the midst of the woods, below the tree-line.  Erect like a telephone pole, and still communicating, although no longer in the limelight.   

A jagged break high in her trunk was a sign mother nature had done the pruning.  The old pine had served a community with her hospitality and had helped me to come up higher and see the bigger view. To look with the eyes of love on all God's creations.

Wanting to honor her, I learned pine trees are about balance and softness; emotional protection and healing.  Pine trees are very personable and very communicative.   You must be careful what you say around a pine tree or you will hear it softly whisper it to other trees.  Pine has an archetypal energy, and message about eliminating our feelings of guilt and balancing over-emotionalism.  The pine spirit is kind and sensitive. It loves contact with humans.  It soothes emotions and serves as a reminder that to make the best decisions, do so from as clear a perspective as possible.  The pine teaches to express our creative energies without feelings of guilt, and without allowing others to overly influence or manipulate.*

 It was true.  This emotional loss of a dear tree friend. The old pine had been kind, and, hopefully she enjoyed our daily interaction from the sun-room window as we wondered about her next winged guest.

How would the birds communicate now?  One morning I was roused from sleep by Woody with his constant drumming on a distant tree. A woodpecker signals you now have the foundation to move in any direction.  And, like this Great White Egret that once sprang to the sky from the old high perch, our spirit is always ready to soar to newfound heights.  This bird is a message of great compatibility and heaven sense.

In closing, I randomly opened a book this morning to a perfect passage:

 "As the Great Spirit has made all things, is not that All Pervading Mind and wisdom in all things?  If then we love the trees, the rocks, and all things as the Infinite made them, shall they not in response to our love give us each of their peculiar thought and wisdom?  Shall we not draw nearer to God through a love for these expressions of God in the rocks and trees, birds and animals."

                                             --Prentice Mulford, Thoughts are Things 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

(*Pine ref:  Nature Speak, Ted Andrews)